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On Record podcast covers major news stories from India. From polices in the cabinet to the people’s movements on the street, we cover stories that matter to the common citizens. Each week we will bring you stories with a new perspective that is shaping our lives.

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Monday Aug 16, 2021

In this episode, we speak to Karthik Bappanad from the Center for Excellence in Cyber Security, Karnataka Gov. and Gurshabad Grover from the Center for Internet and Society to understand the potential of the Pegasus spyware and its implications on individual privacy and democracy in the country. For more updates you can follow us on twitter: (1) On Record Podcast (@OnRecordPodcas1) / Twitter 

Monday Jul 19, 2021

In this episode, we speak to Fr. Swamy's colleagues, Aloka Kujur and P.M Antony, and professor, Apoorvanand Jha to understand  his life and works.
Bhima Koregoan violence: https://onrecord.podbean.com/e/bhima-koregoan-violence-three-years-on-activists-remain-arrested-and-justice-remain-awaited/
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Life of a Transgender

Wednesday Jun 30, 2021

Wednesday Jun 30, 2021

Morni, 58, is a transwomen living in old Delhi. This pride month, she shared her story with On Record podcast. Her childhood, youth and decades of shame and stigma that she faced as a transwomen. 'Izzat' is the most important thing for us, she says. Listen in to know more.
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Wednesday Apr 28, 2021

With record braking cases each day, SOS calls continue for hospital beds and ambulances. While hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID patients, the lakh of oxygen cylinders and other crucial medicines risks their chances of survival. For more updates from On Record you can follow us on twitter at //twitter.com/OnRecordPodcas1

Tuesday Mar 23, 2021

In this episode, Doctor doctor Vineet Kumar from the National Institute of Epidemiology and Professor Gyaneshwer Chaubey from  Banaras Hindu University explain why COVID19 cases are rising in the India once again.

Wednesday Mar 10, 2021

Thousands of farmers are protesting against the three farm laws for over 100 days now. In this episode, we speak to the women who are leading this movement.
Additional Reporting by Alok Pandey
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Monday Mar 01, 2021

Central government announced a set of new rules to govern the social media platforms, Streaming services and digital media platforms. While the government wants to make the platforms accountable for what is being shared on it, critics see these rules as increase in censorship.PS: There have been no episodes in the last few weeks as we were held up in some personal work. We apologies for it.

Monday Jan 25, 2021

Farmers are gearing up for the tractor march on Republic Day. As talks between government and farmer unions fail, protests against the 3 farm laws intensifies in the country. In this episode, farmer leaders from All India Kisan Sabha and Bharti Kisan Union Ekta Ugrahan share their insights on farmers movement.
Farm Laws Explained:  https://onrecord.podbean.com/e/why-are-the-farmers-protesting-in-india/

Sunday Jan 17, 2021

India launched its pan India vaccination program on 16th January, where health care and front line were among the first set of people to receive the vaccine. In this episode, we visit the vaccination center in Bangalore's KC General hospital where the excitement to receive the vaccine overwhelmed  the apprehensions around it. For more updates from On Record, you can follow us on twitter at: https://twitter.com/OnRecordPodcas1

Tuesday Jan 12, 2021

Three years after the caste violence in Bhima Koregoan, 16 human right activists have been arrested under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act in connection with the case. Multiple conspiracy theories have been laid out by the police but it may be long before they are proved and the guilty is punished.
Professor Apoorvanand from Delhi University and Harish Vasudevan, an advocate practicing at Kerala High court share their insights for the story.

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